Enterprise Week gift for the House of Commons

Score was the catalyst for several events during Enterprise Week, 12-16 November 2007 – both in London and Liverpool. Editor Arabella McIntyre-Brown handed a copy to young entrepreneurs and several MPs at a reception on Millbank, including John Hutton, Secretary of State for Business (BERR).

The following week Capsica sent a copy of the book to every MP (646), to peers and to MEPs, to highlight the difference between enterprise and business, and to give those members an easy primer to entrepreneurial characters and key issues they face. This was a gift from a trio of support agencies on Merseyside: Business Liverpool, Liverpool Vision and Liverpool Land Development Company.

Ben Chapman, MP for Wirral South, accepted a delivery of books on behalf of his colleagues. Mr Chapman was director of the DTI in the North West for six years before his election to Parliament in 1997 – so he is one of the most knowledgeable in the House when it comes to questions of enterprise.

"I was delighted to get an early sight of the book, and can heartily recommend it to my colleagues.